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Special WPCA Meeting wrap-up

Thanks again for attending the meeting tonight and showing support for your WPCA committee as well as providing direction on the issues with regard to the site for the proposed biosolids (sludge) plant. It was a great turnout and I think it was very important to participate as a community talking to our local politicians.
Most importantly, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE FEEDBACK FORM!  IT MUST BE SUBMITTED BY FRIDAY (tomorrow) JUNE 28 – supposedly by midnight but I’d do it by the time the CRD closes at 4pm just to be safe.  The most important part of this form is the “extra feedback” portion where you can write comments in.  Please take the time to do this form.
You can also keep up to date with community events at  For those that didn’t get the emails that I had previously sent out with pictures of the Burnside open house, the pictures of the leachate line coming down from Hartland, or the direct responses from the CRD representatives with regards to the questions that we posed, please email me and I’ll be sure to forward them to you so you’re up to speed.
We will be talking about this again at our next WPCA meeting on July 8th and will be acting on some action items such as setting up a committee to represent Willis Point specifically on this issue.  Stay tuned for upcoming info.
Thanks again to Wally Vowle, Mike Hicks and in particular, Judy Brownoff for attending our meeting.
Thanks again,
Jeff Irwin
Chair, WPCA

Mike Hicks will be attending!

Mike Hicks, Director of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area, has confirmed that he will be attending the Special Meeting of the WPCA on the Sewage Treatment plant at the Willis Point Community Hall on Thursday, June 27th, at 7pm.


We will be having a special meeting with the CRD at the Willis Point Community Hall on Thursday, June 27th at 7pm.  This meeting will be for Willis Point residents to get information on the installation of the proposed sewage treatment plant that the CRD is considering for Hartland Landfill.  There are some things to consider regarding this location that have an effect on Willis Point as a community.

PLEASE come out to this meeting to ask the CRD questions about what their plan is and how it will affect us.

Jeff Irwin

WPCA Chair