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MARCH 1st DART NIGHT!! PRE-Register 250-652-6033


Saturday, March 1st @ 6pm – Dart Night at the Community Hall.  SHARPEN THEM UP!!
This is a fun evening of a darts, drink and food.  The dart tournament is a round robin pairs event where you are paired up with a random person to compete in darts.  There’s NO SKILL needed to have fun.  It’s a blast and a great way to meet the people in the community.  Please bring your friends from outside the POINT!  There is a $5 per person registration cost.  PLEASE call 250-652-6033 to pre-register.
We will be looking for volunteers to set up on Feb 28th (Friday) evening at 6pm and cleanup on March 2nd (Sunday) morning.
We will be posting the menu for this event closer to the date.  19 and up.
We will also have a free “SAFE RIDE HOME” driver for Willis Point Residents so that you can leave your car at the hall and get home safely.