Fire and Recreation Facilities Commission

The Willis Point Fire and Recreation Facilities Commission ( aka Fire and Rec.) is a CRD delegated commission created to provide fire protection and emergency response for Willis Point in the JDF Electoral Area through the operation of the WP Volunteer Fire Department and provision of emergency response services.  The Fire and Rec. also manages the community hall and grounds.

Committee Activities

  • Operates a volunteer fire department under the Fire Services Act
  • Appoints a Fire Chief and authorizes him/her to appoint volunteers
  • Composes an annual budget, protects the CRD from liability and observes CRD insurance practices and policies
  • Retains the power to enter into mutual aid and training agreements with other fire departments, service agreements with the Ministry of Forests (for wildfire suppression) and the Provincial Emergency Services Program (for road rescue)

CRD Administrative Relationship

The commission is appointed by the CRD Board, and the EA Director for JDF sits on the commission.

History and Corresponding Bylaws

1975: The fire and Recreation Committee is created as per  CRD Bylaw No. 234 being the “Willis Point Specified Area Establishment and Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1, 1975)

1992 :  The Willis Point Fire Protection and Recreation Facilities Local Services Committee, as it was known until then,  is converted from a local area to an emergency response specified area with amended powers. The name becomes the Willis Point Fire and Recreation Facilities Committee.  See  Bylaw 1951 : Establishment

2010: The committee is converted into a commission as per CRD Bylaw 3654.  Fire and Rec. becomes formally known as the Willis Point Fire and Recreation Facilities Commission. Bylaw 3654 explains the authority of the commission,  it’s Duties with regards to the Fire Department (section 9), and management of the community hall ( Schedule “E”).  Rules and structure are also elaborated in Schedule “E”.